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- Avoid at all costs !! - - - 2/13/2018 - comment
Absolutely horrible experience. Ignorant, opinionated, and extremely rude.

- This guy is a piece of shit - - Ed Herman - 7/2/2015 - comment
Jay Greener was at my house for 5 min was petting my puppy bull dog for half of it, he was late and are family was in the middle of dinner. this was after a major hail storm I told him the insurance company was putting new roof, window and patio door screen on house witch the house needed badly he didn't take this in to account at all, comps he used where so far off my house is 3600 sq ft he used comps that were 1600 sq ft in worse neighborhoods. the lender even approved new comps witch the appraiser turned down right away, probably going to ruin are entire deal thanks jay. we also live in northern ,co witch is one of the hottest markets in the country we had 3 offers and went under contract after 2 days whats the point of timing the listing if an appraiser can come in and ruin it all with his opinion .

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