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- Elizabeth Angelo(House Appraiser) - Edmond, Oklahoma Discriminates, she is an Anti-Semite - - God - 12/1/2019 - comment
Elizabeth Angelo(House Appraiser) - Edmond, Oklahoma Discriminates, she is an Anti-Semite(I told her my grandma{Sophie Samluk} - on my Dad's side of the family - was from Poland & she went Crazy & Deranged), Anti-Israel, Racist(She went Nuts & Mentally Unhinged when she saw my wife was Black & came to our front door), Anti-Veterans(She refused to Appraise my home fairly, because it has some clutter, for my VA home loan{I was awarded by U.S. President Herbert Hoover 1930 & U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt 1946} & she claimed to be a medical doctor saying "I answered the front door just fine, she didn't see anything wrong with me" - Um...I'm a Disabled U.S. Veteran(who Signed & Served a 6/2 contract with my Country) who gets Veterans Disability & I have many more claims agains the VA with help from my attorney), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs & many more unsavory things. This Bozo Animal - Angelo - is Not doing Brain Surgery or Curing Cancer. God Bless everyone - & especially all U.S. Veterans & their families. Yes, my Service enlistment with my Nation/Country was November 22 - so, yes, I carry The Torch of #JFK John F. Kennedy who was KIA November 22 - Dallas, TX! #USA Elizabeth Angelo(Appraiser) - Edmond, Oklahoma - needs Serious Psychiatric Help & to take her Meds!

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