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- Friendly, and thorough - - Joshua - 8/9/2019 - comment
We had James, come out to appraise our home recently. I was a little apprehensive at first, noticing he was about a 2 hour drive from out town. He was thorough with his appraisal, and I even caught him visiting other addresses to assess our home correctly.

- DISASTER - - Mike - 3/14/2016 - comment
15 minute appraisal from HELL. Missed entire rooms!! Run like hell if this guy comes up.

- Very inaccurate appraisal - - - 9/8/2014 - comment
The mortgage company I was using went through appraisal concepts. The owner of the company came to my house for all of 15 minutes and left. His so called appraisal came back and he missed some of my homes amenities, he said I have a four car driveway when I have a ten car driveway with a turnaround. He appraised my home less than the city and yet the comp home of which only one had the same square footage the rest where smaller some by half the size and all the homes had less property than mine by also half less than my half acre. A the comp homes were assed by the city thousands less than my home some 20k or more less. And sold for thousands more than the cities assessment yet he appraised my home for thousands less the city . When I called to question him on this he was cold and said are you surprised, I don't discuss the appraisal with people . I did the research on these comps they are not comps at all. Needless to say his sloppy work cost me the refi because I backed out after his appraisal came in just at the 80% mark which meant the mortgage company wanted to tack on a substantial pmi. Something stinks here. I recently did a refi and the appraisal came in at 380k two yrs ago then it went down to 300k when the market went low, he came back in the low 260k, and the market is going back up. Sloppy work and rude do not use this company.

- UNPROFESSIONAL! - - - 12/10/2010 - comment
Wanted to veiw a house of thiers for call back for 3 weeks and then finally a rude abrasive call and a denial to see the house for no reason. I pity the poor folks who depend on this business to show their home to prospective buyers. I'd pass on these unprofessionals.

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