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- Frank Ganong Should not be allowed to appraise Veteran Properties - - - 5/14/2020 - comment
We attempted to refinance our home in 2015 and Mr. Ganong was assigned as our appraiser. When we recieved the results of the appraisal we were in shock. He had appraised it for $10,000 less than what we purchased if for 2 years prior, in spite of the fact he said the market had improved by over 10%. We recently attempted to refinance (2020) and guess who was assigned to appraise our property. You guessed it Mr. Ganong. We requested thorough the VA to have another appraiser assigned, but were informed it was illegal to do so. We have decided not to waste our money and time refinancing. I sure as heck am not going to pay for him to appraise anything. He only stays in business because Veterans can't exclude him as an appraiser.

- Crook against veterans - - - 12/29/2016 - comment
We recently had Frank appraise the property that we are attempting to purchase. We heard numerous horror stories about him and his appraisels. Stories that were from other local veterans that purchased houses and local realitors that had to endure his biased nightmare. He has made statements to persons I know about his appraisal tactics, such as that he doesn't take scenery into account because it's subjective and that he refuses to believe the housing market has gone up at all. When I shared my story with numerous other veterans local to the area, I learned that many other veterans have a story like mine. Frank is a crook and screws veterans over!! Don't believe me track down some veterans in the Klamath Falls area that have purchased houses. You will find that there is not a very high opinion of him and many believe that he low balls appraisals because he tries to keep himself in business. I am a combat veteran and I believe that myself and other veterans should be able to buy a home with out this crooks involvement.

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