Brian Devries, Brian DevriesPhone:2485412400
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Sequoia Group LLC, Dan FicorelliFerndale, MI0M
Synergy Appraisal LLC, David DillOak Park, MI2M
Eisenbraun Appraisal Group Inc, Tim EisenbraunRoyal Oak, MI3M
Susan S Payne Co, Susan S PayneRoyal Oak, MI3M
Forsythe Appraisals LLC, Chris WestmasRoyal Oak, MI3M
Friday Appraisal, Janice HurstRoyal Oak, MI3M
A & S Appraisal Group, Robert WilleyRoyal Oak, MI3M
Lauren Torbico Appraisals, Lauren TorbicoRoyal Oak, MI3M
Boardwalk Appraisal Co, Janet L LyonsRoyal Oak, MI3M
Atlas Appraisal Inc, Barbara SugiyamaSouthfield, MI6M
A & S Appraisal, Robert WilleySouthfield, MI6M
Priority Appraisal, Alpay OnderSouthfield, MI6M
The above table lists Property Appraisers near Brian Devries, sorted by distance.

For example, Sequoia Group LLC(Dan Ficorelli) is located at 459 E 9 Mile Rd Ferndale, MI, 0 miles away from Brian Devries. Synergy Appraisal LLC(David Dill) is located at 25900 Greenfield Rd Oak Park, MI, 1.93 miles away from Brian Devries. Eisenbraun Appraisal Group Inc(Tim Eisenbraun) is located at 26076 Woodward Ave Royal Oak, MI, 2.76 miles away from Brian Devries. Susan S Payne Co(Susan S Payne) is located at 1014 Marywood Dr Royal Oak, MI, 2.76 miles away from Brian Devries. Forsythe Appraisals LLC(Chris Westmas) is located at 924 E 11 Mile Rd Royal Oak, MI, 2.76 miles away from Brian Devries.

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