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- Excellant Appraiser - - - 8/22/2017 - comment
This appraiser is the most dependable appraiser you will find and will give you the most accurate value of your property. I would rather my value be told to me upfront rather than have an appraiser inflate the value for me to sell my home and only to find out that when someone goes to the bank to borrow the money to purchase it and I find out it is not really worth what I am asking. What people don't understand is an appraisal for a bank is only good for 4 months because the value of your home is based on the market at the time you are selling your home and the sale of homes in your area in the last 12 months. If sales in your area are being sold a lower than market value just to get rid of a home then that will effect the sale of your home. People should know what they are talking about before giving a bad review online to effect someone's business.

- Poor Appraiser - - - 8/9/2017 - comment
Very unethical. Would not recommend.

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