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Rate and Review Jerry R Webber

- Professional - - - 6/2/2019 - comment
Like the people who commented before me, I too experience the same with Jerry Webber. I know he gave my ex the appraisal he wanted so he can succeed in not paying my fair half - after 34 years. Jerry Webber is a male chauvinist, piece of scum, criminal. If you hear is name - absolutely do NOT use him, you will get screwed!

- Awful Appraisal - - - 12/5/2016 - comment
We recently used Webber Appraisal to do an independent appraisal. According to his website he's not the cheapest but you get what you pay for. Apparently that depends on who he is working for. It seems if you pay enough he will give you the type of appraisal you request. For example: if you need it to appear that the home has greater value than it really does if you pay his fee he will give you what you need to acquire a loan. Conversely if you're trying to cheat out your partner of their share of the home he will provide an appraisal equal to that task too. His fees were more costly than I have ever paid for any home appraisal I have ever had done. I would advise anyone interested in getting a fair appraisal to shop somewhere else. This man is a criminal!!
      - 6/2/2019 - Wow, this is exactly the experience I had with Jerry Webber. Trying to get a divorce now for 3 years, Jerry appraised our properties 3 years ago and it was / is clear my ex influenced him greatly. He is lower than low, a piece of scum. I am certain my ex paid him for the appraisal he wanted. Extremely low, so he won't have to give me my fair half. If Jerry Webber is suggested, absolutely do NOT use him. He is a male chauvinist, criminal. I feel very sorry for his wife -if he has one that would put up with him, if he has any daughters - run away!

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