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- Unspeakably bad - - - 2/16/2018 - comment
Really awful experience. We were refinancing, and our bank hired this guy. He was awkward, unfriendly and abrupt when he showed up. He tromped around the house, left without comment, and we waited for the appraisal. Then, our bank told us he did not complete the appraisal because a bathroom remodel was in progress. So, we had to pay him again to come back out. When I asked him why he did not mention the problem, he essentially told me it wasn't his job. Well, his contract may have been with the bank, but I was the one paying the bill.

- Dishonest Appraisal - - - 12/28/2015 - comment
I cannot recommend using this service. Our property was appraised at a ridulously low price, and the report happened to omit that we have a full basement and called it a crawl space instead. This was a lie. The appraiser took a photo of some heating vents to suggest we had a crawlspace when we don't. This is very dishonest. Our house has 4 bedrooms,a full basement and a garage. It was compared to 2 and 3 bedroom houses without garages. The appraiser was rather abrupt and not very friendly when he entered our house to appraise it. Don't use this service. Instead, look for a reputable, honest appraiser. Don't waste your money.

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