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- Inexperienced - Would not recommend! - - Jacob Flores - 9/2/2020 - comment
We ordered an appraisal through our Mortgage company to remove PMI (private mortgage insurance) from our loan. We previously had gotten a Broker's Price Opinion to make sure our home would be appraised well over the amount needed before paying for an appraisal. The Mortgage Company hired "AIM Services" to conduct our appraisal. The gentlemen contacted me to set up a time and asked about upgrades and improvements. I told him over the phone, sent him a list several times and went over them all with him while he was on site. Unfortunately none of those things made it into his appraisal, which was extremely important in having an accurate value of our home. The appraisal came back extremely low, not even close to what we expected on the low side. Now I am in a back and forth with the Mortgage Company, who is on the opposite coast of us and has no real knowledge about this appraiser. I am trying to contact this appraiser to get a review, as he missed a lot of large details that should have been included and considered. Very unhappy with the results and would not recommend to anyone.

- WARNING BEWARE - - Rebecca Dmytryk - 5/11/2019 - comment
We had a HORRIBLE experience - the appraiser Foroud Payandehjoo indicated our traditional wood structure home was a mobile home and caused us delay / disqualification on a real estate transaction. BEWARE!!!!!
     Jacob Flores - 9/2/2020 - We ordered an appraisal through our Mortgage Company to get PMI removed from the loan. We had a Broker's Price Opinion done initially to ensure that our house would come in at the required value to remove PMI. The BPO showed we should be well over the value we needed. This appraiser came and seemed very inexperienced. I tried to provide him multiple times with the upgrades and improvements we had done to the house but none of that was in the report. He ended up appraising the house actually well under the needed value, not even close to what I was expecting. Now I am in a back in forth with the Lending Company and they are saying I have to pay for another appraisal. I am trying to get a review of the appraisal, we will see if he responds to any attempts at contact. Very Unhappy with our experience and would not recommend their services.

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