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- Horrible Appraisal - - - 11/1/2020 - comment
Ed came out to appraise my home and was here a total of 20 minutes. I know from working with an appraiser that it takes at least that long to measure the outside of the house. He appraised my 22,000 sq foot warehouse with bathroom, huge commercial heater at $15,000. You could never rebuild that entire building for $15,000. I have a half acre in the middle of Missoula with a two story two bedroom 1.5 bath home. He appraised everything at $265,000. I had my broker pull 4 comps with the lowest sale at $350,000. The County has it valued at $350,000 for taxes. Ed is an elderly man who is not about to admit he made a mistake and he refused to change anything about his appraisal. He has the power to ruin people and he is using it! He absolutely racked us over the coals and took 3 months to do it. He is a horrible person and this appraisal service should not be allowed to operate any longer.

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