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- Poor Appraiser that does the bare minimum and set in his ways - - Kari Federico - 6/23/2020 - comment
Bernie came to my property in Nov 2018 when we were doing a cash out refinance to appraise our property-it was an external appraisal, fast forward later Mar/Apr 2020 and he ends up being the same appraiser for another refinance we are doing since the rates have dropped so much-this time the guy comes INTO my house, and he appraises it about $1500 LESS than the exterior appraisal from the one in 2018. Mind you we have had extensive internal renovations done, complete double bath updates, complete kitchen and wet bar updates, new appliances, new flooring, neutral colors throughout, new roof, etc, (it's not like he new any of that information on his 2018 External Appraisal) so how is getting a more in depth appraisal now lowering our home value? This guy is a complete joke! I even rebutted his appraisal with accurate and sufficient sold comps and he shot it down claiming they were too different in age, well in a neighborhood that starts in 1975 and is still building to date, you need to make adjustments because houses sold in the same age range aren't always going to be selling at the same time. I do not feel this guy gave it his best effort and I especially feel he did the bare minimum because this was a refinance, well guess what, refinance or not, the crappy appraisal still effects the owner via rates/fees. Needless to say, we switched to VA, and that appraiser was much more accurate with their appraisal-I just hate how Bernie Hogue got paid for doing such a crappy job!

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