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- Low appraisal, will not be second guesssed - - - 7/17/2020 - comment
We had her out to apprise our home for a refi. We thought we were in great shape since the houses in our neighborhood with the same floor plan were apprising where we needed them to. The whole time she commented on how clean our house was and told us we had a beautiful home. After waiting a week it came in10k under what we needed. When we challenged it and sent her 3 other homes with similar or the exact floor plan, she came back and actually lowered our appraisal another 5k. She did not want to admit she was wrong and used comps out of my neighborhood instead of using ones in my neighbor. She has made it so we are not able to refi and still have to pay. If she contacts you to do a refi, I would defiantly ask to use someone else unless you are looking to get the lowest appraisal you can. She is rude when asked to look at other comps and will lower the appraisal even more if you challenge her decision

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