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- Don't hire this company! - - Melissa - 11/20/2020 - comment
Stay away from this company. The appraiser, who also conveniently, owns the company says one thing to you in person and then writes something else on his report. Reports are incomplete and inaccurate. The guy is deceitful and manipulative. I am not sure how this guy is certified. Do not hire this company whatever you do. You will be wasting your money as they will probably have to come out to your house numerous times since their reports are inaccurate. Each return visit, of course, comes at an additional charge. I have filed a complaint with the Appraisal Board in hopes that they revoke this guy's certification.

- Homeowner - - Leo M. - 11/3/2020 - comment
The gentleman, Gordon B. Tefft, who came to do our appraisal was genuinely nice and informative at first. Unfortunately, I wish he would have been a bit more knowledgeable and skilled at what he was doing. After indicating on our report that two Hardiplank siding boards and two windowpanes showed rotting he was not sure how to progress with the report, by his own admission when asked for clarification on the matter. He informed me that when he did not know how to write up the damage, he turned to the bank for advice on what to do. Of course, the bank escalated it to the point of requesting a structural damage inspection. You would have thought that the "certified" appraiser should have known how to classify the "damage" that he discovered. The damage which was classified as nothing more than typical cosmetic damage by the contractor who performed the inspection. I came to later discover that there may have been an ulterior motive to Gordan’s report “fumbling ”. A required second follow up visit by Gordan, after the repairs, came at an additional fee. If your bank assigns you this company as was our case, I believe, you can request another appraisal instead. I most definitely would! Overall review, nice guy but I would question his integrity, knowledge, and motives. I would not recommend using this company for an appraisal.

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