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- Terrible - - Andrew Brearley - 1/10/2024 - comment
He demanded payment in full up front then yewufbdisappeared.

- Guy like this are hurting economy hoding back market - - - 3/10/2018 - comment
This clown used year old comps located 3 miles away. Compared 2 bedroom 1 level ranches with 3 level Contemporaries...Guys like this are holding down property values by putting in low appraisals and klli g sales... Hey asshole if someone is willing to Pay 500k then its worth 500k... Who the hell are you to say different are you buying it... This guy is incompetent and is hurting economy

- Poor job - - Robert Wasserman - 3/2/2018 - comment
Too many things wrong with appraisal to list here. If you get this guy run, do not walk away, even the square footage was wrong. Complete incompetent

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