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- Shady appraiser - - Juan - 12/4/2020 - comment
Javier completed an appraisal of my home for a refinance a few years ago. He noted on his report that my home was missing a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. My home has a smoke detector in the living room, hallway, and kitchen. And the carbon monoxide detector in the kitchen. Javier purposely took photos of the kitchen and living room to exclude the detectors from view. After speaking with my loan officer, this is a scam some shady appraisers will do because they have to come up to do a reinspection which takes them no time at all, but they still get to charge a hefty fee. This guy can’t be trusted, avoid if you can.

- Home Owner - - Mayla Stufft - 5/16/2013 - comment
I had an appraisal of my home done at the end 2009.I thought this was the low of the real estate market. It was appraised at 400,000. Nothing on this property has changed except some messy roommates. Javier Hidalgo's value was 285,000. That value is almost 50% lower. He admitted that there were not enough comparables. I agree with that. The comparables he used were not anything like my home. He did everything possible to place the lowest value on this home. He claimed the cost of the home new would be 469.507. Much of the home is new quality construction. High end tile, hardwood floors, granite, custom built in cabinetry and other quality touches. It does not make sense to have cut the value of this home by nearly 50%. I know it would sell for a much higher price.

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