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- Best appraiser in California - - Jack - 6/30/2022 - comment
Nobody knows more about the appraising business than he does. He is punctual, communicative and very brilliant. He was super efficient and gave detailed answers to all my questions. Highly recommend your lender use him!

- Great service - - Cindy Gibson - 10/19/2016 - comment
We recently had our home appraised to refi into a conventional loan and drop,our PMI. Ray and his co-worker were to cone between 2-4, they were here at2 on the dot (I love it when appointments are kept)! They came in, took pics, measured and were very professional. I was worried my dog would bother them but just the opposite, they let him welcome them(he jumps up to say hi) I'm working on that bad behavior. They were kind, professional and honest. The office gal Kelli was SUPER NICE and I really enjoyed her help scheduling the appointment around my hectic schedule. Our appraisal came in on target and we were able to refi. AWESOME EXPERIENCE.

- Ray appears to be clueless - - Joe - 3/4/2016 - comment
December 2015 i am trying to sell my house and the comps he used were ok but then he reduced my value becuase location near street. Its a cul de sac furthest from. My neighbors have smaller houses in similar conditions and are selling for more than his deficient fha appraisal. This good should not be used, but not because the value he came up with but how he came up with it. I have already received 3 full offers and compa support my sale price at 310k when he came in at 273k. What a hot mess.
      - 6/30/2022 - You are the clueless one

- Run, don't walk away from him - - Paul - 2/27/2012 - comment
I thought I should share with you a recent experience I had with appraiser Ray Elarmo. Perhaps this will help you avoid a similar experience. I engaged Elarmo to do an appraisal on behalf of one of my clients. The appraisal itself was not particularly complicated as the subject property was a vacant building lot in a planned subdivision with a number of comps. It was clearly explained that time was of the essence because of circumstances surrounding the transaction. The expected completion time was to be 4 days and the charge was $575. After 4 days, the time frame was pushed back a day. Than another day, ‘3 o’clock at the latest’. Then another day, ‘just sent. You will have it in seconds’. Five hours later, an appraisal showed up. Wrong selling price, wrong appraised value, wrong adjustments to selected comps (no adjustments at all were noted) and a map for a completely different subject property and comps. When questioned about these astonishing discrepancies, I was promised by Elarmo to receive a corrected copy the next day. That corrected copy never materialized. Three more days of phone calls and emails received no response at all. Finally, feeling that the entire transaction may now be jeopardized, a decision was made to engage another appraiser. Prior to actually doing that, a final effort was made to allow Elarmo to make this situation right. No response whatsoever. A refund has been requested. Still waiting. I thought you may be interested in knowing about this experience and how he operates.
     Nancy Flynn - 1/6/2013 - ,Is this the appraiser who has an office in Fresno.California? If so, I would like to contribute a comment
      - 6/11/2015 - I had an experience just recently with this appraiser if it's the same one in Fresno. The much higher comps that were used were adjusted lower to match his ridicously low appraisal value. I am so enraged over this. He noted that the house was average when it's only a few years old and no upgrades had been done when plenty were. I don't know how he can get away with this and affecting the lives involved.
      - 6/30/2022 - Maybe you owe too much on your house?

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