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- Entered and Appraised wrong house - - - 10/15/2021 - comment
Nick at Locke Appraisal was assigned to appraise house 2 doors away from me. Instead, without my knowledge, he entered my home (which also just happened to be for sale with a different realtor), did the appraisal - ON THE WRONG PROPERTY! AND TURNED IT IN TO THE WRONG REALTOR/FINANCIAL! If he could read, he would have seen the wrong house number, the wrong Realtor sign, and wrong information on his documents. What an absolute idiot!!! Zero on the "professional" scale. Should be fired for being so incompetent!! He had no business being in my house! But the lock box was still on my door and that is how he got in. This incident took place Oct 11 and I was not notified until Oct 14. Beware - never ever use Locke Appraisal! Oh, and he left my back storm door unlatched swaying in the wind.

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