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- Horrible - - - 2/23/2024 - comment
She noted wrong information,, comps were not from our local area and she never returned our call. I would NEVER recommend her service to anyone.

- slow, inaccurate - - Donna - 3/9/2020 - comment
Paid full price to get an accurate appraisal. Her price was 40,000 lower than prior appraisal in 2004. She listed in wrong school district, while we live in a very desirable district. Her comps were not like property, like area or amount of land. She was supposed to set appointment within 24 hours and after a week I called her and she said she was three weeks out but would fit in middle of next week. Took two weeks from when she was supposed to get ahold of us to get appraisal back, which delayed refinance. Would definitely not recommend.

- Horrible customer service - - Greg - 4/21/2016 - comment
Called to ask a few questions about our appraisal and clarification on a couple things. She began raising her voice and yelling at me. All I wanted to know is why she used a house with over 500 sq ft less as a comparable and used a house in a less desirable area. Poor poor customer service. I'm not a child and would just like an explanation. I don't deserve to be treated like that especially when we hired her. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

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